Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our learning places and spaces

Week 3 in the Not Back to School Bloghop.   

The topic this week, learning spaces.   Well, we work and learn in numerous places.

at the writing desk

at the outside table

at the dinning room table
at the lounge room table
basically, any unsuspecting table .... 

in the 'playroom' on the floor

on the deck

on the grass

at the park

at the library
in the car
at the art gallery
at the EcoScience building
oOOH, and how could I forget? The Kitchen!
and all over the world

After the last big rain the playroom sprang a leak which saturated in the inside skin of the walls, as well as a strip along the edge of the carpet.  
On pulling up the carpet we discovered funky mould - out it went, all of it, including the wall skins.  
So, at the moment the playroom looks like this ....  

The assessor came last week, and hopefully we can start fixing the room next week.  I'm planning to paint everything white, and let BluebBelle and friends treat it like the Kusama exhibition -  ' Obliteration Room'. Husband has resigned himself to the idea, poor chap, lol.

The obliteration room

If you haven't played the game have a go ;)    Kusama's World of Dots 


Caz said...

That sounds so much like us LOL! Thanks for sharing your spaces :)

traceyrox74 said...

I didn't realise you had a blog! Whoohoo. I can't wait to read more. Off to read some more. Oh love your dotty playroom idea. Heheheh.

Rosemary said...

I love the dotty playroom idea too! Fortunately my partner would actually go for it if we could find a sufficient room to white-out and then dot.

Kylie said...

Love your little school desk.

You must make sure that you share your dotty room......

Erin said...

Oh I love timber desks, it just begs you to sit and write.

Kendra said...

That dotty room is exactly what my house looks like after my eldest gets done being an "Artist" with paint. We haven't painted in a long, long, long time! lol