Saturday, May 05, 2012

Australian Money

Australian Money - data gathering and recording, money denominations, internet research.

Get the information straight from the mint!

They even have an education page, with worksheets, activities and puzzles.

We did make our own information gathering document.   Add a bit of experience fitting writing into a small, allocated space ....

BlueBelle did rubbings for all the coins (yes, I washed them first!), and filled in the the information using

10 cents reverse image - lyrebird20 cents reverse image - platypus2010 Australia Day 50 cents coin1 dollar reverse image2 dollars reverse image - traditional Australian Aboriginal - HH initials removed

Information gathered:
  1. shape
  2. composition
  3. edge
  4. millimetres
  5. how many add up to a dollar
  6. representing numbers in number symbol and writing

DD measured the coins using one of our many circle templates.  Drafting tools come in handy!

Rank-Broadley's obverse design on coins of different denominations

Followed by some classic book work!

For the notes, we will copy using a colour copier and revisit the exercise using If anyone has a few hundred dollar bills laying around that they would like to donate to an educational cause, please get in touch ;)
Notes are printed in Melbourne by Note Printing Australia.

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