Saturday, March 03, 2012

A day in our Life

As earth turns around the sun, so are the days of our lives ...  (or something to that affect!).

Two days a week that are assigned to extramurals, and though we often do 'work' on these days I don't count on them.   So, an average non-extramural day goes something like this.

06:00 - Alarm sounds.  DH gets up to shower etc.  DD is up shortly afterwards.
06:30 - DH and DD have breakfast together while I shower, make bed, put a load of washing in.  
07:00 - Wave DD goodbye, get ready for the day. Load dishwasher, put the kettle on for early morning tea. 
07:30 - Maths: prepared activity, times tables or some kind of maths game.
08:30 - Music: either practice, theory or history / Japanese / Botany
09:15 - English: writing, reading or spelling 
10:00 - morning tea,outside play  (chores)
11:30 - Geography or Science activity 
13:00 - lunch (hanging washing, quick vacuum and tidy)
14:00 - art, craft or some sort of 'making', often related to, and whilst listening to an audiobook. 
15:30/16:00 - afternoon tea, outside play

We swap things around every now and then.  And, sometimes find that we hit on something particularly interesting and keep doing that all morning, or all day.  I'm trying to fit early morning gym in .... getting there!

17:30 - tidy, bath, dinner, teeth
19:15 - storytime, sometimes a little time to read 
20:00 - mommy time after cleaning the kitchen! prep, emails, skype, CQHS, scrabble, assignments.
23:00 - bed, which is too late and has to be changed.

Great Not Back to School Blog Hop ... 4 weeks left of the term?!?


Erin said...

Japanese! That sounds impressive!

Earthwand said...

Very, VERY basic Japanese Erin ;)