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Edgar Degas

... and all things Ballet

This term BlueBelle started attending  ballet class 
with her friend DollFace.  DollFace started school this year, 
and so it is an opportunity 
for them to see each other, though it doesn't make up for 
a day of free play.  
Bring on the school holidays I say!! 

Anyway, so, in Natural Learning stylie, March morphed 
into Ballet month.
Our artist for the month  - Edgar DEGAS
our composer - DEBUSSY
country - FRANCE
 city  - PARIS
 language - FRENCH

I was unable to convince BlueBelle to try  snails.

We've read a number of books about Degas and the Impressionists.  And we've discovered that there is a Degas painting exhibited a train ride away at  QAG/GoMA

Edgar Degas | France 1834-1917 
Trois danseuses à la classe de danse (Three dancers at a dancing class) | c.1888-90 
Oil on cardboard | 50.5 x 60.6cm 
Purchased 1959 with funds donated by Major Harold de Vahl Rubin 
Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

We discovered that Edgar Degas was one of the first artists to popularise the use of pastels.  BlueBelle was fascinated by his bronze sculpture that makes use of real hair and real fabric.  

The only sculpture Degas exhibited during his lifetime -''Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer''.  

A couple of other favourites, 
aren't these paintings exquisite ....  

Edgar Degas | France 1834-1917 
The Rehearsal c. 1873-78;
Oil on canvas, 41 x 61.7 cm
Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

File:Edgar Germain Hilaire Degas 005.jpg
Edgar Degas | France 1834-1917 
Ballet Rehearsal on the Set. 
Oil on canvas
Musée d'Orsay, Paris, Franc

Of course, little Miss had to modify her ballet shoes, and wear 
a ribbon around her neck.   Ballet teacher was not amused, and 
BlueBelle had to remove all adornment before going into class.  
I understand both sides .......

This is a small part of our Ballet / France / Paris stack
 (no, they are not in alphabetical order!)

 Edgar Degas : dance like a butterfly   Wenzel, Angela
 Little ballerina : inspired by a painting by Edgar Degas   Kerillis, Helene
 Ballet : a step-by-step guide to the secrets of ballet   Hackett, Jane
 Edgar Degas, 1834-1917   Growe, Bernd.
 Portraits : dancing through fire   Lasky, Kathryn.
 The life and work of Edgar Degas   Woodhouse, Jayne
 Children's book of music   Lock, Deborah

 Angelina on stage   Holabird, Katharine
 Lettice : the dancing rabbit   Stanley, Mandy
 Gina the dancing queen   Alo, Marisa
 Olivia leaps!   Shaw, Natalie

I can't recommend this book enough - it is so cute 
and sprinkled with French vocabulary.

This book is also cute.  
Pom Pom takes a tour around Paris,
but ends up in the best place of all.

[sound recordings] 
Madame Pamplemousse and her incredible edibles - Kingfisher, Rupert
Madame Pamplemousse and the enchanted sweet shop - Kingfisher, Rupert
The twinkling tutu -  Rees, Gwyneth

Paris: Capital cities a tourists' guide  
 The Eiffel Tower 

OOOh, we've also added an interest-led component to our spelling.  
I ask BlueBelle what words she'd like to learn,  we write the words on slips of paper and then keep them in an envelope labelled with the theme/topic.  This month we have added these words to the Ballet envelope:    
  • ballet
  • ballerina
  • beauty
  • beautiful (eat apples up!)
  • dance
  • satin
  • ribbon
  • point
  • stockings

And finally, before the crashing pc annoys me further, some Debussy for you :)

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