Saturday, April 14, 2012

Geography Landforms

Geography Landforms

We love making these.  
And it's very easy. We use air dried clay, because they are something we make often.  When we move onto making continents, and have perfected that art, we'll use the more durable oven baked fimo ... because they'll make a good reference resource.

Print out the landform cards.  
Here are some good ones

Trace the outlines onto tracing paper and cut them out (keeping the negative and positive shapes).  
Fill a container lid with clay.   Place the cutout on top of the clay.  

Scoop out clay to suit your landform.  

Wait for them to dry.  

Fill the ocean with blue sand/marbles/buttons/pom-poms/paper/rice ...  they won't last long with blue-food-coloured- water, but you can always make some more.

And then you might like to locate some landforms on a wall map or in an atlas, or try the 

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Kylie said...

Oh you make it look so easy :-)

I have pinned, and posted on FB ;-)