Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rock Art

“Rock, stone, pebble, sand; body, shoulder arm, hand; 
A moat to dig a shell to keep, All the world is wide and deep.” 

Rock Art:

What you need:
  • watercolour paper
  • masking tape
  • watercolour paint
  • pebbles or stones
  • time!

Prepare your watercolour paper  ( Preparing Watercolour paper ) . 

These are very professional directions.  I use masking tape, and have never fully 

submerged my paper ... I give it a liberal dousing with a wet paint brush.   

Let your paper dry in the sun, and then mount it onto a clipboard, 

drawing board, cardboard with masking tape.

Select some stones or pebbles. 
Heavy, smooth ones seem to work best.

Mix a range of complimentary watercolours

Tape your paper onto a board/ piece of masonite/plastic tupperware lid - 
anything flat that wont get soggy.


Start to layer your watercolours, by dabbing a colour ladden brush onto the top of your stone, and letting the water drip and run.  Let the paint dry at various stages. 
Do not move the stone until you are finished and the last layer has dried!   

After a few days they may (or may not!) resemble these.
The whole process can take a day, or two or three - depending how much sun you have, and how much patience and time.
It's art, geology and character building ;) 


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